What You Should Do To Choose a Suitable Wedding Cake

Planning a wedding is already extremely stressful. However, that does not mean that you cannot have fun during the wedding planning stage. One of the fun experience couples have during the wedding preparations is the wedding cake tasting. You can taste a lot of delicious desserts and cakes. It is up to you to choose which one is suitable for your event.

Putting aside the fun and tastiness of cake tasting, you have to be meticulous in choosing your cake. It can get really tricky if you are not prepared for it. You have to remember several important points for your wedding cake. Here are some of the important tips to remember when you want to pick a perfect wedding cake for your reception.

The first thing you have to do is to choose your wedding cake style. Traditionally, the cake is frosted and multi-tiered. However, you can choose other fun designs according to your preference too. There are couples who prefer to have the square tiered cakes while others opt for the round tiered cakes. If you do not want the traditional type of cake, you can use alternative ideas like donuts, macaroons, crepes, cupcakes, or even cake.

The design should be considered as well. Commonly, people will follow a design that matches with their overall color or theme. For those couples who opt for a conservative cake, lining it up with flowers should be good enough. If you want to add fun and entertainment to your cake for your beach wedding, you can design it with rubber floaters, anchors, and seashells.

Always give yourself enough time to plan your wedding cake. Ideally, you need at least three months before the actual wedding date. This should be enough time to decide on the design and style for your cake. You will also have enough time to look for bakery options. As an extra tip: if you plan to have a wedding during the so-called “wedding seasons”, then you have to spare more than three months before the wedding for choosing a cake.

The size also needs to be taken into account. It will have to depend on the number of guests invited to the reception. You can expect that a three-tiered wedding cake will easily look out of place when you have a reception composed of only 20 close family members and friends. The size should be suitable for the number of guests you are expecting for the event.

Prepare your budget. Of course, you have to be realistic on the amount you can spend for the wedding cake. It would help to compare the prices offered by different cake vendors. It would be nice if you can stick to your budget.

Do not forget to taste the cake. This is actually the best part in this process. While it is important that you need to have an idea on what your cake looks like, you also have to make sure you know what it tastes like.

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