Types of Bamboo flooring

Nowadays, the question of why bamboo is often asked. For those looking to gain enlightenment, then this article is just for you. The option of Bamboo flooring Perth not only provides a unique installation choice but also adds appeal to the look of a building. Most of the reviews and feedback given by past and present users reflect that once these floors are installed, a certain glow is attributed to the surroundings from this. The wide range of colors is able to satisfy even the pickiest individual. Apart from range of color, the flooring can also be installed in different rooms of the house as it is both functional and can be put to practical use. Even out of all these benefits, the most salient point is that it is Eco friendly as it can be easily planted and cultivated with having effects on the reserves of plants in the world.

There are different types of bamboo flooring and some of them are: Panda Lumber, Premium Green Bamboo, spring wood, Wood stock and the EnviroChoice Bamboo among others. The panda lumber is harvested every six years so as to increase its durability and stability. For those looking at convenience as criteria for purchase, then the Premium Green Bamboo which boasts of never requiring waxing is for you.  The Springwood option offers a product line that is best suited for installation over heated floors. Regardless of the option chosen, the brands come pre- finished meaning less work when it comes to installation.

It is important to note that if the shade of the flooring is to be matched with other elements made of wood in the house, the Far East unfinished brand is the option to be chosen as it provides control over the selection of color and shade best suited to a residence. The before of control also comes with the demerit of it requiring intensive labour but the benefit still outweighs the cost. On the other hand, there exists the Ming Dynasty Hand Scraped bamboo flooring reminiscent of those in the ancient Chinese period. The products of this manufacturer bear unusual hand scraped texture made by Chinese artisans.

Most often than not, bamboo flooring is compared side by side with other flooring types whether it be in magazines or in the Internet. Due to this comparison, it is known that bamboo bears the same rigidity attributed to most hardwood products. But it is easier to clean then them as most types simple sweeping is enough to keep it tidy. Some homeowners who have used it over a period of time suggest using a micro-fiber mop dampened with a homemade solution of vinegar and water to remove stubborn dirt.