Tourism in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the beautiful countries in the world whose history dates back to the origin of human civilization on this earth and it is said that first humans lived on this land; Apart from history its rich Buddha culture also attracts the tourists to visit this land and enjoy the real bliss of life in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka tour packagesĀ is also improving from the last decade when Government of Sri Lanka starts working on it and providing shelter and protection to the foreign tourists.

Tourism is the backbone of the economy of any country and every government tries to improve it

  • Tourism in the past

In the past tourism is just considered welcoming the foreign people for enhancing friendship bonds between different countries and merely a source of income for backward people living in remote areas where only tourists pays them a visit with a small source of income for them and no proper facilities were given to the foreigners and Tourism in Sri Lanka was not considered as a profession and income through this profession for the country GDP was not in the mind of a single person but when time changes people thoughts were change about it and they had a new source of income through tour packages Sri Lanka .

If we calculate the income being generated through this field of profession we will find amazing results and that is the reason why people give more importance to this field.

  • Cultural heritage

The reason to improve tour packages Sri Lanka is also to save their cultural heritage and show it to the world about religion and culture of Sri Lanka and how it is maintained by the people of Sri Lanka, Cultures can be lost or damaged only when the inhabitants of this land do not give it much importance as given by their ancestors in the past and everyone connects tourism with the source of income. Tourism in any country is highly appreciated by their government as it has deep effects on the people lives and cultures in the eyes of their foreign guests, to consider the foreign tourists as guest to your country uplift your country status to the modern world.

  • Interests and tourism

Many people have different type of interests and for these interests they are ready to go too far off places in the world and through advancement in the field of tourism the people interests had been given an up lift status by the Government of Sri Lanka.

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