Tips to Avoid Carpet Shrinkage

Carpet cleaning provides numerous benefits, but also comes with a disadvantage if not done correctly. One of these is carpet shrinkage. To avoid this, here are some tips to follow.

Know the Type of Carpet

There are two types of carpets that can shrink. First is axminster that’s made of wool face fibre and jute backing yarn. Second, is wilston that are made of polypropylene fibre. To avoid shrinkage, you need to know first if you have these. Check the label of your carpets.

Water was too hot

Make sure that the water is not too hot. Instead of removing the dirt, it will only cause the fibre to wrinkle.

Excessive Soaking

If your hot water extraction machine is cheap and small, it won’t properly remove the excess water. Over-wetting can weaken the fibre causing it to shrink.

Over Shampooing

It’s human nature to use more than less, especially in cleaning. But too much shampoo for your cover is unnecessary. The soap residue and poor rinsing will only cause the materials to crisp and get damaged.

Using Strong Detergents

Strong chemicals and solution cause the floor covers to wears down. Compared before, there are now lots of cleaning materials that are made to be safe for your carpet and environment as well. To be sure, first, test the chemicals in a small portion and rinse it. Let it dry as some chemicals do more damaged when they are completely removed. Also, don’t purchase any chemicals if you read on the label that it has high alkaline or acid PH.

Poor Cleaning

Whether it’s the materials or your technique, poor cleaning will make it shrunk.

Not Calling Professional Help

The first reason why your carpet shrunk is you neglect to call for help. If you don’t have knowledge about cleaning, call the carpet cleaners Adelaide who can easily get the job done.