Things That You Will Enjoy Doing In Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is one of the municipalities of Oriental Mindoro. It is just 130 km from the south of Manila. By bus, you can reach this municipality after four hours if you are from Manila. Though this is just a municipality, but its popularity even surpasses other provinces. This could be because this place has a lot to offer thus it is attracting many tourists. If you will ask some tourist guides, they will definitely tell you that this municipality is always in their list when planning to tour an international tourist. This place has a lot of things that a tourist can surely enjoy with. There are many scenic places and tourist spots. Thus if you are a tourist yourself and you are looking for a place to go, you should consider checking out Puerto Galera as for sure, you have so many things to share afterwards.

Here some of the best things that you can do in Puerto Galera:

puerto galera sunset

– Jet skiing is the first thing that you should try. There is no reason to skip this even if this is the first time you will do this for the owner of the machine will assist you. If you don’t know how to operate the jet ski, then he can do that for you as well. It is just amazing to watch the sun set in a jet ski thus you should not miss this. For only P2500 to P3000, you will already have the best experience.

– And at night, you can then watch the dancers. Actually, watching the dancers is free. However, since they are kind of marketing strategy by the owner of the bars, tipping is kind of compulsory. Of course it is up to you as to the amount of money to tip. For sure you already heard about fire dancers in Boracay and this is just the same though this time around, you will watch them in Puerto Galera.

– Do you know that you can also do your scuba diving in Puerto Galera? That is right and in fact, this is one of the best diving spot that you will probably see in the entire country. Not only that you can scuba dive, you can also do some snorkelling because of their clear blue ocean. Yes, they are so clear that you can really see the activities underwater.

– Then if you want, you can also check their hidden cave. Just to remind you though that you must wear flops as the road to the cave is not that easy. But of course you can skip this though it will also be such an experience!

– You can also have a henna tattoo. This activity though is also popular in Boracay thus if you have not been to Boracay, then you can have this in Puerto Galera first.

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