The Different Fields of Medicine

One of the most challenging yet rewarding professions to date is medicine and becoming a doctor is no easy feat. After years of a nearly endless study, they will then choose to specialize in a specific field of medicine unless if they are content with general medicine. There are a wide range of fields doctors professionalize in and here are some widely known fields.


Pediatricians are doctors who specialize in children’s health. The reason why parents take their children to pediatricians to have them checked because a child’s body is still developing as it grows. It is an extensive part of this branch’s study to master the development, ailments that plague children and what to do to alleviate their young patients of what has been bothering them. Pediatrics can also branch out in different fields to be able to better help patients with specific needs such as pediatric cardiology, pulmonary medicine and behavioural pediatrics just to name a few.




While these two specialties are often studied individually, there are still doctors who pursue both fields. An obstetrician specializes in a woman’s pregnancy, health and labour while a gynaecologist is a specialist on women’s reproductive health. Regardless, these two fields deal with women’s health and since these are closely related, is usually the reason why doctors master both. An obstetrician-gynaecologist closely monitors a patient’s pregnancy up until the patient gives birth and also tends to patients with problems regarding their reproductive and sexual health. Usually there are just OB/GYNs but there are others who study beyond their field and become specialists namely in the field of high risk pregnancies and pelvic health and surgery.


Surgery is another branch of medicine which lets doctors master the science of the human body and what diseases or disorders that threatens it. This is coupled with the knowledge of what operational procedures that should be taken in order to remove or remedy the problem. Surgery is often linked with general surgery but there are other branches of surgery that focus in on other areas such as orthopaedic, neurologic and plastic surgery just to name a few.

Internal Medicine

Doctors who specialize in internal medicine are highly adept at studying diseases and problems happening inside the human body from the common cold to cancer. These specialists have also mastered how the human body works from the inside starting from the heart and lungs down to the kidneys. However, they are not limited to this as they also know how other organs work and what substances or instances that create these problems which is helpful in diagnosing illnesses.

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