How to Install your own Plantation Shutter

Plantation shutters are a better way of window treatment. They come in different varieties and makes but they all end up in giving you that unique look and increase the worth of your home. Plantation shutters are also flexible to different decorations from traditional to cottage. These kind of shutters are also perfect in insulating windows and cut down allergens, which are normally found in fabric window treatment. If you are looking for a way to install plantation shutters Sydney in your home then this is a good step and direction to take. There are a few steps that you can follow and your shutters will be installed and give you that look you are looking for. It will only take you a day to do all this by yourself.

Step 1

Measure your window

Take your time and measure your windows size. Measure the width and height carefully. The last thing you would wish is to get shutters that are not fitting to your windows. However taking actual measurements will ensure that you get the right thing and you don’t get confused while in the market.

Step 2

Use filter strips to determine layout

When you are sopping for the plantation shutters it’s good to see if there is a bunch of filter strips normally 1/8”. They help in adjusting the width if necessary as well as serve as template for layout.

Hold the filter strips to the front edge of the window frames, level and mark the screw holes to ensure that your shutters fall on a straight line. You can as well start to drill the holes to be sure.

 Step 3

Measure your shutters

Place all the shutters you have together and get an overall width measurement. For accuracy purposes.

Step 4

Attach the filler strips

By this time, you are aware how many filler strips you need. Insert the screws to the shutter frames, then slide the filler strips to the screws.

Step 5

Mount shutters
This is where you need to be extra keen. Hold the shutters in line making sure that the screws are aligned with the drilled holes. Slowly start tightening the screws one after the other.

Step 6

Check alignment

You are almost through with the process of installation. Close the shutters together to ensure that everything is aligned properly, if not this are where you have the chance to do any necessary adjustments. After that you can now insert the screw covers. You may as well continue to mark the shutters hardware and test some features.