How to Avoid Your Sewer Drains From Getting Clogged

If you ever had your water supply and drainage cut out for a few days, you would know how hard it is to experience a situation like that. A seemingly simple problem such as a bathroom sink clog can cause a lot of trouble  already. Well, there are a few things you can do to prevent your sewer drains from being clogged.

Why do the drains get clogged? The drainage system in your house consists of a main line and has small branches sprouting out of it. In time, one of the primary or secondary lines may get clogged due to build up of particles and non-degradable items. Tissues, pins, hair, and sometimes even kids’ toys can go into the drains and cause the flow of water to be blocked.

To avoid this, ensure that you and your family members do not flush down non-degradable items like, cotton swabs, gauze, women’s hygiene products, diapers and paper towels. These items do not break down and degrade. Thus, they remain stuck in the pipelines.

You can place mesh screens in the bathtub or shower drains to avoid clogging from hair. Opt to wash your pets outside when the weather is warm enough. When it is cold outside, shower the pets with a washcloth on the drain to avoid hair from piling up.

A fine plunger and/or a drain snake can be used for unclogging.  If someone drops something down the drain or flushes a paper towel, you should be able to clear the drain out right away.

Save cooking grease in a cardboard container and dispose it separately in a garbage can. Throw coffee grounds away instead of washing them down the drain.

Pour down hot boiling water down the kitchen sink will keep oils and grase from building up. You can also do a homemade drain cleaning solution by mixing baking soda with vinegar. Baking soda is an excellent cleaning agent while vinegar contains acetic acid which clears out any organic obstructions.

Along with those preventative methods and hiring plumbing Gold Coast, you’re on your way in maintaining a well-functioning drainage system.