How Do You Detect Hearing Loss?

How do you know when you are suffering from hearing loss? That’s a question often asked by individuals. It is pretty simple actually!

  • You may notice that sounds no longer seem clear and you often find yourself straining to catch sounds.
  • You find yourself constantly turning up the volume when watching videos or listening to audio.
  • What may seem clear to others may make you constantly require them to increase the range of their voices
  • You find yourself cupping your ears to catch a sound
  • You find yourself not being able to hear your phones ringing or the doorbell ringing and someone has to tell you or practically yell it at you.

All the above and then some are signs you need to pay attention to. The signs may manifest as a result of old age or due to certain conditions in the body. Some of the causing factors may be:

– Old age like I said before: it is only rational that as you age and become older, certain faculties in the body stop working properly. In the case of aged people, it is expected that hearing loss can occur and hearing aids are usually prescribed.

– Environmental Issues: like being exposed to chemicals, waste that are hazardous to the health.
– Virus: there have been tests and research done on this. It is quite possible for a virus to cause hearing loss.

– Build up of wax: physicians have advised that the ear be cleaned at least twice a month to prevent it from building up and blocking the ear drums.

– Listening to music at loud volumes: we’ve all heard this one before. The range of a speaker, headset, headphone can be damaging to the ear drums. Be careful to modulate the sound.
Once you start to doubt your ability to hear, first of all perform a preliminary test for yourself at home via hearing tests online sites before going to the doctor with your worry. The websites offer instructions on how to go about taking the test.
Do not place much credence on the results from these tests as official diagnosis still need to be gotten. The hearing tests online are just meant to propel you seek for professional help if a more intense condition was discovered. If the possibility of having a hearing problem actually exists, it is better to set up an appointment for a consultation with a medical professional to talk about possible cures. Health is wealth and do not let your body degenerate to the state that nothing can be done to help it.