Enhance the Look of Your Bathroom with Etched Glass Panels

The bathroom is an essential part of the house. Although it has been considered the dirtiest place in the house before, bathroom designs were able to change this perspective through the different look making it more beautiful and clean. Among the items inside the bathroom, a shower is the most important and useful thing for our need and finding the best shower can be the hardest part. In this situation, etched glass panels can be a good choice. Try it here.

Your Choices of Glass Panels

There are frameless and framed glass shower panels and choosing between the two depends on your taste. Frameless panels can look good in any bathroom but sometimes, there is a problem with the mesh that can easily be resolved in some way. On the other hand, framed shower panels are more durable and strong making it the best choice for families with children at home. When it comes to aesthetic look, choose the frameless shower panel.

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The design is very important when it comes to purchasing glass shower panels. There are designs that have been etched into the glass which can be more beautiful than plain glass. If you want a customized etched glass design, there are stores that provide custom options with good quality and service offered. But be ready with your extra budget because it can be more expensive than what is already out in the market.

There are also different types of glass that is being used in the glass shower panels. There are ultra-clearer glasses than can hardly be seen when it is cleaned. There are also matte glasses that provide a little privacy. It all depends on your preference when you are choosing the kind of glass for your shower panel. If you are sharing the bathroom with other people, you may want to install the matte type of glass. Otherwise, a clear etched glass can be a good choice.

How to Install Sliding Glass Shower Doors

In installing etched glass panels, the first thing that one needs to do is to do a measurement of everything. This is crucial in order to be assured that one will be able to get the doors that he needs. This will go beyond taking the base measurement of the shower door. With this, one has to remember that not all walls come with plum. There are times when the frames need to be shimmed. There will be leaks if this will not be given attention to. After, installing the base track would go next. As for the top track, it needs to be installed accordingly too. This will enable everything to work properly. Check the manufacturer’s installation instructions for those who are installing a frameless sliding shower door. The last part in this is to install the side-tracks.