Earn Your EWP Ticket with Emerald Training

Today, you need to have a EWP ticket or license to work on an elevated platform. So what is EWP and what does ‘elevated platform’ refer to? EWP stands for Elevated Work Platforms which means the employee would probably be working off the ground in something like a lift. The EWP covers for people working with machineries such as the scissor, truck mounted lifts and the boom lifts. It mainly covers workers working on these machines and also the forklift. Therefore, before you get to work on any of these machines, you will have to undergo EWP training in Bribane, a certified institution and earn the ticket to prove you are well aware of the hazards and know clearly how to operate the machinery safely.

Getting a EWP ticket is not easy and will require a lot of dedication when taking the training. At Emerald Training, we don’t try to train as many people as possible, but instead we focus on our trainees to a personal level to ensure they are ready for the workplace. Working on elevated platforms can be very dangerous at times even though most people take it lightly. There are many accidents that can occur in such an environment, and we should thank our government for introducing EWP training to prepare the workers and reduce hazards.

We are a Brisbane based training company, but our skills and training services are available for anyone in the country. We are certified and offer licenses nationally to all the trainees that complete the training program. Our training programs are ‘trainee-dedicated’; we have enough skilled trainers and equipment to use for the training. We also have all the machines that the EWP ticket is supposed to cover. Our EWP training program starts with theoretical sessions where you will be taught all about EWP and the hazards involved in the field of work, and then later on we move to practical training where every trainee will get a chance to operate all the machines.

The basic requirements to undertake our training are that you must be above 18 years, can communicate in English and you should have two identification forms. A fair amount for the license may be applicable but you shouldn’t worry much about that we sometimes fund trainees who meet some requirements. After taking your EWP training with us, you qualify for any EWP job in Australia with the self-confidence and skills you will earn form us. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your steel caps and safety boots and join us.