Domestic House Cleaning and Why It’s the Perfect Job for You!

Life in the city is not as easy and glamorous as they portray it on the television or in the movies. People wake up early in the morning, jump out of bed, take a shower, make themselves breakfast and go to work. After working for 8-10 hours, they drive or commute to their houses. They then change clothes, make dinner, eat dinner, wash plates, take a shower and go to bed.

It is basically the routine of city life. They do the same stuff for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after that. Being in the city means they would always have to be on the go. They barely have time to care for their own houses, let alone take good care of themselves. So what do they do? They hire Sydney house cleaning company to do the job for them.

This is where domestic house cleaning industry comes in. It is one of the industries people tend to overlook. People almost always think that domestic house cleaning jobs are for those who have nowhere else to go. All along, people have no idea that this industry has always been there. It never goes out of fashion. Somewhere out there, somebody would always need their house cleaned.

Did you know that you can earn $40-$50 just by cleaning someone else’s home for two hours? This is only for the basic cleaning, like polishing or wiping surfaces, sweeping and vacuuming floors, and polishing light switches and plug sockets. The rates go up as the size of the house you clean gets bigger. Mind you, you can clean at least two houses a day. If you live in one of the big cities, you could always do more.

If you also specialise in cleaning windows and certain types of furniture, the rates go up. You can add $10-$15 more to the fee. You can even charge more if the owners have kids or if they also have pets. Rates for cleaning carpets that have different stains are also different, and they usually cost more.

Power washing the exterior surfaces of houses have a different rate. Did you know that its average national cost is $250-$300? Cleaning vents and ducts are not part of your ordinary cleaning, so if the owner asks you to clean them, then you can add more to the fee.

The industry of domestic house cleaning is not as cheap as how people think it is. The possibilities of earning in the industry are endless. It is not also that hard to learn and master.

So what are you waiting for? Become a domestic house cleaner yourself and start earning a lot!