Doctors often have very specialized fields. They go to school for upwards of 8-12 years to become the foremost experts in their area of medicine. People like to play doctor and think they know the answers. These same people also like to go online and get unverified information. This can be quite foolish because many medical websites have information that is not accurate. It is always best to go to a real doctor until medical information online is 100% proven to be accurate. has been called a replacement for doctors. While the site may have good information, there is no comparison to actually going to a real qualified doctor, who can do all sorts of testing to determine the true state of your health. Humans today have access to incredible technology and this is definitely the case for doctors as well.

Don’t overthink it and make that short trip to see a human doctor today. While sometime in the near future we may all be getting our medical info online, until that day comes there is simply no substitute for going to a real live doctor.

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