The Danger of Understaffing Your Restaurant

It can be assumed that having a fewer staff a restaurant is good, with the notion that they are manageable and easier to pay. On the contrary, it can be a disaster for your business.

An undermanned staff will reflect on the quality of service being offered. Issues such as piled up dishes, guests scanning for a server in the room, left out glasses are the major indication of poor staff availability. However much the server is willing to pay full attention to their client and offer their best, it is almost impossible.

The server is human, and although they may show up in the morning energetic enough, he or she is subject to burn out by afternoon. When the servers burn out, it is easy for them to opt for easier serving methods, which do not serve to elevate the restaurant, as they are too tired to give their all.

An understaffed restaurant will suffer immensely from loss of a single server. It means more unwashed dishes and hence delays in serving guests, poor food presentation. Of course, the server is overwhelmed enough to remember how to package a client’s order. There is also the risk of using untrained servers for main server’s jobs, who are unable to provide the standard service.

It is hard to work as a team when undermanned, every server bids to ensure their section is well managed and has no time to think or work with another.

Understaffing can also happen in the kitchen which is terrible, as it can slow down entire operation in the restaurant. The few available chefs maybe working hard to give the best. Pressure from the other side, to fasten the process can lead to poorly prepared food. You just cannot imagine what can happen when there lacks just one chef in that restaurant!

The kitchen environment cannot be well maintained when the staff is few. So even the food being prepared from there is not hygienic enough for consumption

So, when you decide that you want to invest in a restaurant, you need to pay the price associated with it. You would rather have enough servers to keep your guests happy and satisfied in a clean and warm environment, without getting profit. With time, consistently offering quality service, your restaurant will reap from your recognition of the need for enough staff capable of handling morning, afternoon and evening guests, qualitatively, without burning out.

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