5 Ways Party Equipment Hire Can Benefit Your Event

Whether you’re hosting a corporate party, a charity fundraiser, or planning a wedding, a party equipment hire service won’t just save you a lot of time and hassle, it will also benefit the event in a number of ways.

It saves money

Most people don’t host truly big events very often. Or if they do, the reason for the event often differs, and every event requires a different feel, setup, decorations, and equipment. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in hundreds of chairs, glassware, tents and a bouncy house or sound equipment you may only use once, hire the equipment instead. Not only will you save a lot of money in the process, you won’t have to worry about where to store all those things after the event.

They take care of the decorations

Although you might have an idea of what you want in mind, actually putting up all those decorations takes a lot of work and requires help from professionals. Party equipment hire services don’t just provide equipment. Taking your dream and vision into account, they’ll plan and put up the decorations so you can check one more thing off your list.

No risk

If you were to buy all the equipment yourself, you’d be assuming a lot of risk. What if someone breaks a plate or wind knocks over a tent, or any number of accidents occur over the years that damage equipment? When you hire it, the company assumes most of the risk. Although you probably can’t go around trashing the borrowed equipment, they have insurance to cover any unforeseen damages and know how to manage normal wear and tear. As a company, it’s their job to take these things into account and prepare in advance, not yours.

Access to specialty equipment

Some parties require some really specific or hard to find equipment. Whether you need a stage, karaoke machine, Jukebox hire Sydney, DJ, bouncy house, cotton candy machine, wishing well or wedding arch, party equipment hire companies to have a wide range of supplies at your disposal.

Hassle-free setup and takedown

One of the best parts about hiring equipment is the easy setup and take down. Instead of struggling to put up a tent for the first time in your life, work with professionals. Ideally, they’ve been in the business for a long time, and know how to quickly and elegantly place every plate and chair to welcome guests without a hitch, making all aspects of the event swift and efficient.

If you’re planning a big event, it doesn’t make sense to buy all the equipment yourself, or one or two things from many different companies. Instead, take advantage of a party equipment hire service to make event planning more convenient.

How Your Christmas Cards Should Be

If you are sending out Christmas cards to your business partners or clients, you should think about what they would like to receive.

1. Think about what the receiver would like.

It is important to consider the receiver’s preference since they are the ones who will receive the cards. If the cards that you will be giving them are something that they like, they would surely appreciate it more and would want to keep it for remembrance purposes. Always put their feelings on your choice of Christmas cards because it would not make an impact if they will not like the cards that they will be receiving.

2. Make sure that the cards are of good quality.

Never ever send out shabby looking cards to your business partners or clients because they will think that you did not think of what you are sending and you are just sending the cards just for the sake of sending something. If you really want to send out Christmas cards to them and made an impact or impression, you should send out high-quality Christmas cards for them to be able to appreciate the gesture. Good looking cards will make them think that you value their opinion and appreciation. So look for high-quality Christmas cards or look for a reputable company that makes greeting cards that are of good quality.

3. Make sure that you personalize the cards or have your brand logo or brand name written on it.

The purpose of you sending out Christmas cards is to create a better relationship and tighten the bond that you have with your partners and clients. For them to be reminded of your business and how much you value them your Christmas cards should be personalized and your brand name or logo should be visible. Make sure that you include photos and personal greetings so that they would feel loved and valued.

4. Order and prepare your Christmas cards early.

For you to see if there are any changes to be made on the cards that you have ordered, you should have it made early so when there are some necessary changes, you can immediately get it effective without having to be late in giving out the cards to its receivers. Also, if the company that you are hiring for your Christmas cards is a good company that is businessmen are also hiring, ordering cards early will ensure that your greeting cards will not be late and that you would be catered first.

5. Make sure that you will not be hurting others’ faith.

Some religions are very sensitive when it comes to Christmas season so make sure that your Christmas cards will not hurt or insult their faith. The greetings should always be polite and written with respect. Keep the message in general so that you will not be hurting anyone or their faith. This is to ensure that your Christmas cards will create a better bond and build a better relationship instead of breaking any.

A Fun Slushy Party

A child’s birthday party is a very special occasion for both the parents and of course, for the kids. Once he or she starts to get old enough you know that each birthday party that you throw will be remembered for the rest of their life and so the pressure is on to make each one a little better than the last. A punch bowl and juice boxes are a thing of the past now, Mom and Dad, this is the year you step up your game with a slushy machine hire for your child’s next birthday extravaganza.

This is something that has increasing numbers as people seek out options for their drinks for events. The prices of slushy machine hire range around $150-$300 which makes this an affordable option for most budgets and party sizes. The price will mainly depend on how many flavors you want. Other factors that may alter the cost are whether or not the slushy machine hire comes with the necessary accessories such as paper straws and cups.

Don’t think that you could fit a slushy machine in the back of your Sport Utility Vehicle? Well, you are right. You absolutely could not and you absolutely do not have to. The companies which offer slushy machine hire will include in their price the services of dropping it off, setting it up and picking it back up again when your party is over.

You also don’t need to worry about where you will keep all of the ice for the slushy machine because the machine does the ice production itself. The same concept is applied here as it is with ice cream makers and we have all used those at some point in our lives, have we not?

Finally, there is an option for a nice frozen drink that does not involve more work for you slaving over a blender and heeding to the demands of small children’s thirst. You are already paying for everything, including presents and have to think about the clean up after the party so why should you inherit even more hassle? This may just be a tradition that your kid wants year after year even as they grow into adulthood. You may even want it for a party of your own that includes slush machine hire Sydney that you may have when they go off to college. Think margarita! After all, everybody likes a good slushy.

How to Find a Fairy Floss and Popcorn Hire

A fairy floss and popcorn hire is a great addition to any party. It’s a good way to provide delicious snacks to your guests. If you’re looking to add a new twist to your gathering, here are a few tips that can help.

How big is your party?

You want to provide your guests with enough snacks. These units can serve anywhere from 20 to 30 people easily. In general, you can rent one unit to fit a small party. However, if you need to accommodate many guests, you might want to consider hiring two units. This allows you to serve delicious treats without compromising production time.

The units must be in top shape.

When looking for machines, you want to get something that’s in top shape. They need to be well-maintained and ready to go at a moment’s notice. To add to this, since you’ll be serving food in them, they need to be clean. Sanitation is important, as you don’t want your guests to have health problems.

Before renting out a unit, do a cosmetics check first. In the cotton candy machine, there should be no sugar left stuck to the pan. Ideally, the owner should clean it out after every use. Cooked-on sugar should be a red flag. This means it’s been used multiple times without cleaning beforehand. The casing needs to be shiny, with no dents or scratches.

The machines used for popping kernels will usually have a glass component. It should not be cracked or damaged in any way. There should be no build-up of oil or salt on the walls – they should be shiny and clean. In every machine, there’s a sift. Open the container to ensure there are no un-popped kernels left.

Need a fairy floss and popcorn hire in Sydney? Call Cool Sounds today!

It’s always a good idea to do a test run before you rent your equipment. This ensures that everything’s in perfect working condition. After all, you don’t want to encounter problems in the middle of your party! Most service providers would be happy to show you how everything works upon consultation.