Buying Guides of Commercial Coffee Machines

Having a cup of hot coffee in the morning is a practice that has been around for ages. A cup of coffee awakens the senses and prepares a person for a long day ahead. These days, there are establishments such as Star Bucks that primarily offer different kinds of coffee. There is now a growing trend of opening coffee bars with different flavors of coffee, hot and cold coffees, among others. The purchasing of commercial coffee machines is necessary to keep up with the demands. Listed below are some guides with regards to the features of coffee machines that you need to look for:

Water dispensing feature of commercial coffee machines

There are basically two types of coffee machines, the one that has an automatic water dispensing feature and the one that is the manual type or the pour over coffee machines. The automatic water dispensing commercial coffee machines have a hose that is attached directly to the main water source which allows for the automatic dispensing of water and automatically stops once it senses the full capacity. The pour over coffee kinds are the ones that requires the person to pour the coffee from the coffee maker to the cup.


Brewing capacity of commercial coffee machines

This all depends as to the amount of coffee that you think you need to cook in a single day. The coffee machines can range from 10.98 liters to as much as 71.54 liters of coffee on an hour basis.

Specialty options of commercial coffee machines

There are specialty features of coffee machines that you may like to consider such as hot water faucet which can be used for making hot tea or for adding hot water to cup noodles. Then there is also the digital option which allows the barista to set the timer so the coffee machines can begin brewing the coffee at the designated time. The multiple warmers is another specialty option which allows the barista to make multiple pots of coffee and place these pots on top of the warmers to remain warm.

Satellite commercial coffee machines

This is usually used in quick service areas where in the machine is capable of brewing huge amount of coffee. The persons would just slide a lever and the coffee would flow from the satellite coffee machines.

Decanter commercial coffee machines

This machine has the combination of the traditional coffee makers and the speed of making a cup of coffee from a commercial coffee maker. The users can brew coffee using more than one decanter and brewed all at the same time.

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